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    In the United States, the premium that college graduates earn over their non-college-educated peers in young adulthood exceeds 70 percent.
    the same process ["that is creating two distinct forms of life in our society"] is now inscribing itself in our own bodies
    Americans now turn over $1 of every $12 in GDP to the financial sector
    In 1954, 28 percent of all workers were members of trade unions, but by 2017 that figure was down to 11 percent.
    Pew’s latest analysis indicates that Trump lost college-educated white voters by a ... 17 percent margin. But he got revenge with non-college-educated whites, whom he captured by a ... 36 percent margin.
    • Criticized by Niall Ferguson for omitting Charles Murray's work: https://twitter.com/nfergus/status/997537723681394688
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